Information for Librarians

Because librarians want their users to access the best possible content as a result of their research, they invest in quality databases such as those offered on EBSCOhost®. Difficulty arises when researchers search the open Web where distinguishing between quality content and less credible content can be a challenge. EBSCOhost Connection is designed to bridge the gap between commercial search engines (e.g. Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc) and the valuable content of EBSCOhost. It is intended to promote the EBSCOhost content purchased by public libraries, schools, universities and other EBSCO customers by infusing brief citation-only records from EBSCOhost databases within commercial search engine result lists. Users would then click on the EBSCOhost record and be appropriately directed to the database pages within their library's EBSCOhost profile. Users will also realize through an on-screen brand, that the content is brought to them courtesy of their library (including the appropriate library's name).

The basic objective of EBSCOhost Connection is to help searchers find more quality results if they are searching the Web by directing them into EBSCOhost.  This service is free to all EBSCOhost database customers.  Therefore, if your library subscribes to EBSCOhost databases, it will be included in the list of libraries available through the “Find your library” tool on the site.  For libraries that do not wish to participate, the service can be deactivated by submitting a request to the EBSCO Technical Support team here

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