Information for Publishers

As the world's largest intermediary between publishers and libraries, EBSCO shares the interest of both the libraries that we serve and our publisher partners. Through EBSCOhost®, the company provides databases to tens of thousands of libraries, hospitals, corporations and other institutions. As the only database aggregator that is also a subscription agent, EBSCO has a unique understanding of the needs and concerns of publishers, and offers various ways for publishers to gain exposure for their publications - including EBSCOhost Connection.

EBSCOhost Connection is designed to bridge the gap between commercial search engines (e.g. Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc) and the valuable content of EBSCOhost. It is intended to promote the EBSCOhost content purchased by public libraries, schools, universities and other EBSCO customers by infusing brief citation-only records from EBSCOhost databases within commercial search engine result lists. As a result, authenticated users will be directed to the quality information in EBSCOhost databases, and gain a deeper appreciation for the value of this premium content.

Participation in EBSCOhost databases and EBSCOhost Connection offers many benefits to publisher partners. EBSCO understands the unique needs of different publication partners (commercial publishers, learned societies, associations, etc,), and provides various options to meet the objectives of each partner. Because EBSCO is the most prolific aggregator of premium content, and the foremost provider of databases worldwide, publishers and learned societies participating in EBSCO's databases gain increased exposure for their publications in the world's most prestigious institutions, and in markets where these publications may not currently have strong penetration. For participating publishers, increased secured exposure in non-core markets can lead to proliferation of scholarship, improved brand recognition, additional home page traffic, and increases in journal subscriptions in these regions.

EBSCOhost Connection provides an easy means for web searchers to connect to EBSCOhost and the content of our publisher partners. The full text content of EBSCOhost databases is only made available to authenticated users who have access to these resources courtesy of a subscribing library or other institution with which they are appropriately affiliated.

For more information on EBSCOhost Connection, EBSCOhost databases, or to learn about database partnership opportunities, please contact EBSCO at: