What is EBSCOhost Connection?

Welcome to EBSCOhost® Connection
As a Web searcher, it is often very challenging to distinguish between quality content and less-than-credible information when sifting through long lists of search results. To alleviate this burden, public libraries, universities and other research facilities invest in quality databases that provide the best possible content for their users, such as those offered on EBSCOhost.

Bridge the Gap
EBSCOhost Connection is designed to bridge the gap between Google, Bing and Yahoo and the premium content of EBSCOhost that is available courtesy of your library.  Click on the EBSCOhost record in the search engine results list, authenticate to your library, and access the EBSCOhostcontent – a seamless path from the web search you’re familiar with to premium content available via your library.

Premium Content
Because this is premium content, it is not available freely to the public. However, if you are affiliated with a library, university, school, or other institution subscribing to EBSCOhost databases, you may have instant access to this material. Simply locate your library by following the steps in the right-hand margin. If your library is a participant, you will be appropriately directed to the content you are seeking. EBSCOhost is available in tens of thousands of libraries and other institutions around the world.

EBSCOhost Connection is a service provided by EBSCO Publishing and brought to you as a convenience from your library.